Why To Not Trust Bark.com Home Repair Quotations Websites

Why To Not Trust Bark.com Home Repair Quotations Websites

The web nowadays it’s full of websites that offer home repair services and home maintenance services for a very low price, we have analyzed those websites and understood that most of them are dangerous for your home or flat because they are sending not professional handyman people to your house. The risk is very high as they price competition is very low and so many individuals are bidding to get the job that people with skills and huge experience are running out of the competition because prices is out of the normal market, often you will get an unexperienced handyman coming to your house that will create problems and will not perform the job in time and with the due diligence. Those website they do not have direct employees but they just sent your contacts to many individuals around the web, another problem is that most of those people they do not have any proper insurance and also they are without the proper government certificates.

Many clients of us complained about those websites and called our professional and experience handymen to fix the mess created by those people. Here listed here are some of those generic home repair websites that are appearing everywhere in Google and search engines:

  • www.Bark.com Bark it’s one of the biggest websites in this market
  • www.homeserve.com

And many more! Mind yourself and always call London Handyman Pro for any problem happening in your house that needs to be fixed!

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